Common Symptoms of Hormonal Imbalance

Many of you will already know that I am big on letting women know hormonal imbalance means more than the typical PMS or Menopausal symptoms we tend to think of when we think hormones.

But what CAN hormonal imbalances look like?  Here are some common symptoms you may not have known about:

Weight Gain






Yep, this can be all about the hormones, and a big reason those pounds are impossible to lose!  Hormones regulate your appetite, your metabolism, your body composition {where you store fat}, and your digestion.  All big components of losing weight.

Low Energy






Do you ever have one of those days where you feel like you just can’t get going?  Ok, maybe it’s EVERY day?  Maybe you have energy dips in the afternoon?  All of this can be about your hormones!


Insomnia or other sleep problems






Watching the clock all night, or waking at certain times most nights mean something isn’t quite right.


Anxiety and/or Depression






Do you struggle with anxiety or depression?  Are you feeling like life is just to overwhelming to deal with?  Your hormones may be telling you something.








I know you feel like you ‘don’t have any self control’.  I hear this all of the time from women, and want you to know that your cravings are just another way your body is telling you something isn’t quite right.  Let’s listen to it instead of beating yourself up ok?  🙂


Puffiness, Bloating, & Water Retention





Do you feel ‘thin’ when you wake up, but like you are 4-months pregnant by the end of the day?  Do you have a hard time fitting into your shoes or getting your rings on anymore?  These are all very related to your hormones.


Mood Swings






Ok, so we have been blaming this on hormones for years.  And we were right!


Acne {on face & back}

Acne is something we, as women, struggle with beyond our teenage years.  It is very hormone-relates, as well as linked to food intolerances.  Exploring, and working on both can produce clear, glowing skin again!


Memory & Concentration Problems or “Brain Fog”





Are you constantly forgetting things on your ‘to-do’ list, or feel like you need to shake the cobwebs out of your head?  You may not be losing it completely – you may be just be a little imbalanced {hormonally, I mean}.  🙂


Chronic Headaches or Migraines 






Many factors contribute to headaches for both men and women, including family history and age. Women, however, often notice a relationship between headaches and hormonal changes.


Excessive Hair on Your Face/Arms or Thinning Hair on Your Head

Emotionally, both of these are extremely hard to deal with for most women.  The good news is, by understanding what is going on, and getting to the root cause of why, and what hormones are not working quite right, both can be improved a lot.


Thin, Dry, or Dull-Looking Skin 






Your skin needs happy hormones too.  Stop paying thousands of dollars for chemical-filled lotions & potions and look a little deeper here.


Ovarian Cysts or Abnormal Pap Tests or Reproductive Cancers






It’s emotionally draining to have health problems where you feel completely out of control.  But remember, there is always something you can do!


Painful, Lumpy, or Fibrocystic Breasts or Breast Cancer






You find that lump.  You panic.  I know this isn’t a time you really feel like concentrating on anything but getting it taken care of.  Just know that again, you have power here.  There are so many things you can do to take back control, and feel like you are actually doing something instead of just sitting, waiting and having people tell you what they will do.


Infertility/Fertility Concerns






Wanting a baby is an instinct for most women, a desire we can’t even explain.  Unfortunately,  many women struggle with conceiving, and each month that goes by is another one with disappointment.  Hormones are really big here, and the right balance is essential.








Whether it is a couple of days, or even for weeks prior to getting your period, PMS can completely alter the way you see & experience life.  You may even have to stay in bed with horrible pain.  This is NOT something you have to live with.  Trust me, I used to, but not anymore.


Hot Flashes, Night Sweats & Menopausal Symptoms






You feel it coming on, creeping slowly up your face, and you know you are about to be bombarded with yet another hot flash.  Menopause is a difficult transition in a woman’s life.  You can make it a little easier by becoming friends with your hormones instead of enemies.  You can change how they react.  I have seen women who are having hot flashes every 20 minutes go to barely noticing them in a day.  What a huge change in their life!


What it all comes down to with hormones is finding your balance.  The AMAZING thing with your body is that when you give it what it needs, it can give you what you need – relief from what you are struggling with.