Do you ever think that you just don’t have enough time to take care of everyone & everything you need to – Let alone time to do anything for yourself?

I understand that 100%.

Being a Mom of 6 + 2, a wife, a business-owner, taking care of our home, making sure we have groceries & healthy food, going to parent/teacher nights – well you understand, because you live it too. There are always SO many things that need our time & attention.


Something I’ve learned (the hard way!) is that if you don’t take care of yourself, it won’t be long before you are completely exhausted – mentally, physically, emotionally drained. Your body will crash (usually bringing many frustrating symptoms along with it, just for extra fun).

Don’t let this happen to you. Make the choice now to start taking care of YOU. Even if it is small, simple ways – just start!


Because you deserve to. Because your family deserves to have a happy, energetic & fully engaged Mom, and because if you aren’t ok, there’s just now way that you will be able to take care of anyone or anything else. 

Now, here are 40 simple self-care ideas that you can start doing today. Even 1. You’ve got this.

  1. Start a Gratitude Journal. Studies have shown that by writing down & focusing on gratitude before bed, stress levels are lower and people have a greater sense of calm at night.
  2. Take Deep breaths. Breathe deep into your belly. Most of us don’t get those deep, health & hormone-boosting breaths during the day.
  3. Enjoy the silence. Sit somewhere alone for a few minutes – bonus if you are outside breathing fresh air at the same time.
  4. Try essential oils. Peppermint can help beat food cravings & citrus is great for boosting moods.
  5. Laugh! Read a comic book or find a funny cartoon online.
  6. Take a quick nap. 10 – 20 minute cat-naps can really help boost your energy.
  7. Listen to your favourite music. Dance too if you want to!
  8. Play! Goof around a bit for a few minutes. I love playing with my daughter and her doll house. It brings me back to when I was her age. 
  9. Take a hot bath at the end of the day.
  10. Try a guided meditation. There are lots on YouTube.
  11. Go to bed earlier. Sleep is essential for happy hormones.
  12. Read for pleasure. Not for work.
  13. Walk in the grass in your bare feet.
  14. Stretch your body or do yoga.
  15. Say No! Say no to extra obligations, chores or anything that feels like it is ‘too much’ right now.
  16. Watch a good movie. 
  17. Pick some flowers or buy a beautiful bouquet just for yourself.
  18. Call a good friend. 
  19. Make your favourite cup of tea & relax. Drink it while it’s hot – not cold like most of us Mamas do. Wrap yourself in a cozy blanket too.
  20. Drink a green smoothie.
  21. Detox your social media. Take out any negative people or groups with negative messages.
  22. Look up inspiring quotes online instead of scrolling through Facebook.
  23. Ask for help. Big or small, just ask.
  24. Try 1 healthy new recipe.
  25. Re-read your favourite childhood picture & chapter books.
  26. Go cloud-watching. Lay on your back & watch the clouds go by.
  27. Hydrate. Did you drink enough water today?
  28. Go outside in the sunshine. Soak in some vitamin D for a few minutes.
  29. Journaling. Write down anything you are feeling.
  30. Write down 5 things that make your life beautiful.
  31. Mart art. Scribble with crayons, pain a rock – anything! Just create something.
  32. Look at photos of people or places you love.
  33. Scream, pound pillows, tear up paper – release some stress.
  34. Get an adult colouring book & colour.
  35. Put your hands in some dirt. Garden, plant flowers, whatever you want.
  36. Get up early & watch the sunrise. 
  37. Sit outside & watch the sunset.
  38. Do something spontaneous. Walk or drive a new way to work. Just do something different.
  39. Sleep in on a Sunday.
  40. Read a travel magazine. Let your mind take you on a mini-vacation.


Self care isn’t a one-time deal. Remember to keep practicing and make this a habit!



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