Crazy Beautiful Hormones

Creating the Body You Love... on the inside & out.

Let’s get real about our bodies.  It’s not about being an airbrushed model starving and plastic-y.  Nope!

It’s about redefining your relationship with food so that you can be in your healthiest body, feeling energetic and strong.  It’s about lowering your risks of heart disease, diabetes, and cancer.  It’s about being comfortable in your own skin, feeling compassionate and excited about your shape, your curves your thighs :).

It's about figuring out what works for YOU.  Getting to the root of what's going on.  Understanding why your body seems to have become something/someone you don't even recognize anymore.

For most of the women I meet, it comes down to their hormones - and if they are working FOR them, or against them.  And sadly, most women's hormones seem to be working against them.  {Read more Here on symptoms of hormonal imbalance}

 I want you to know something…. I used to weigh 100lbs more than I do today.  Yes, 100lbs.  At that weight I never felt like myself.  I hid.  I was insecure.  I avoided really living because I didn’t feel good or look the way I wanted to.  I had no energy and never enjoyed shopping for clothes.  There aren’t many pictures floating around of me at that weight but I don’t need them to remember how I felt.  I felt baaaaad.

On top of the weight, I suffered with headaches, PMS, acne, digestive problems, and many more embarrassing health problems - ALL hormone related, I came to later find out.

I get that this is not an easy topic for most women who struggle with their weight, or with their hormones. 

All I need you to know is that letting go of excess weight, letting go of the frustrating symptoms you  live with each day, and feeling good is absolutely possible.  Extremely doable.  And you can get to that place where you are full of energy, adore shopping for new clothes and living a full vibrant life.

Throughout my journey of letting go of 100lbs, as well as letting go of many of the other symptoms {no PMS or daily headaches anymore - yay!} I have tried it all--and what I know for sure is that diets don’t work.  Let go of that “d” word – you won’t need it anymore!

Your journey needs to be about you, your needs, your unique symptoms and preferences - and your hormones.

 My approach to helping you redefine your relationship with food and achieve a healthy, powerful body is completely about individualization.  I focus on balancing your hormones and creating a healthy you – you won’t be starving yourself by eating grapefruit or green juice 3 times a day for 30 days.  Instead, you will be learning which delicious every-day foods will fire up your metabolism, and rev up your hormones.  That’s right you will be eating real F-O-O-D!

 My Crazy Beautiful Hormones program focuses on 5 key steps:

  1. Where are you now?  What symptoms are driving you crazy?  What's going on with your body?  Are you READY to start taking back control & feeling great?!  It's important to know where YOU are, so we know where we are going.
  2. Creating the plan.  This includes everything from learning meal planning solutions that work for you to developing a health & nutrition plan together so we both know what direction you are going, and what steps you need to take to get there.
  3. Get rid of the triggers!  Whether it is foods that are irritating your body, or causing inflammation {the root of all health & hormone problems} let's figure out what they are, and see how we can use different options for you.
  4. In with the GOOD!  Guess what - the foods your body needs can taste good too - who knew?!
  5. Nourishing your emotional side.  This is essential to your success.  As women, we are emotional {surprise, surprise!} and we need to nourish this.  Whether it is by working on emotional eating, or your stress levels.  It's all about you!
If you are ready to do this, here's how we can get started.