How Are My Hormones?! Cheat Sheet

Have you ever thought to yourself- “why the heck am I always so bloated?” or “why am I so tired and grumpy all of the time?”

Maybe you are wondering if your hormones are the reason you can’t lose weight, you can’t remember why you walked in the room, or why sleep seems harder and harder.

Many Women are looking for answers to why they feel the way they do, but are being told ‘it’s part of being a Woman’, or ‘it’s just because you are aging’…

My heart hurts for the Women who tell me they just don’t feel heard, and that even though all of the test results come back ‘normal’, they still don’t FEEL like themselves anymore.

Below I’ve laid out symptoms to watch for that tell you what hormone/s may be most out of balance for you.

I’ve also included 4 tips that you can start on today to see results, and even a couple of recipes to try.

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