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Are you sick of low energy, mood swings, weight gain, anxiety, trouble sleeping, irregular or heavy periods, PMS, hot flashes, irritability, or any of the other symptoms that just won't go away?

Are you tired of being told it's 'all in your head' - or that 'everything is fine' when you KNOW it isn't?!

Guess what - it may just be your hormones!


In IGNITE Your Hormones you'll find out how your hormones may be the culprit. You'll learn that they may be creating uncomfortable symptoms (some you may not even realize are there!), and that even though these symptoms are 'common', they are not 'normal'. You don't have to live with them anymore!

You'll find out what hormones are most out of balance for you - AND learn my step by step approach for bringing balance back - which means you get to feel good in your body again!

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Never wonder what's going on with your body again...

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2. Get instant access to the step by step system I've successfully used in my 1:1 practice for the 13+ years I've been working with women like you to help them feel good again.
3. Watch your energy levels soar, bloating & mood swings disappear, weight level out, and feel like you've got your health, and body under control again!

What if:


    • You knew how to give your body what it needed, so that you can feel good again?
    • You understood how your hormones may be holding you back - and what you can do about it?
    • You stopped spending hours searching for answers to your symptoms.. or at your Doctor as they dismiss how you are feeling?
    • You started feeling happy again? More comfortable in your body?
    • You began to notice that life didn't feel so overwhelming anymore?
    • You saw real positive change happening in your body, and how you feel?
    • You started loving your life again - without being held back by your body, mind or emotions?


How It Works


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Enjoy living your life again - really living it - as your body, mind & emotions balance with your hormones!


Enjoy the support & community you have here, and know that you have access to the support you have been searching for.♡

Here's what my clients are saying:

★★★★★ 5 Star Review! ★★★★★ Marie’s Ignite your Hormones program is the exact thing I needed.

I messaged her and told her of my painful joints, bad skin, extreme fatigue, constant weight gain, horrible menstrual issues and just over all poor health.

She told me about her program and I signed up immediately! She is knowledgeable and caring and at no time did I feel judged or on my own. She is very supportive, answering any questions almost immediately, and providing advice on anything that may be added or removed from my diet.

She provides detailed menus and regular meetings to support the new chapter. This is not a diet, it is a way of life! I have removed a few things completely from my diet that I never realized were so bad, and I am feeling so much better! With all of the knowledge, tools and support, she does not charge enough! -- Kim

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We’ve all tried forcing and starving our bodies into feeling better.

How about finally listening to your body, and giving it what it needs instead? How about addressing the underlying trigger - your hormones.

My hunch is you're ready for a change.

Ready to take the next step.

You just need to know what that is - and I can show you!

By Saying Yes, You Will Get...

✔ Instant access to my Ignite Your Hormones Method.

✔ Weekly group video calls where I will answer your questions, and point you in the right direction based on your body & symptoms. (replays will be available).

✔  Access to my private Facebook group where I will be to answer any questions, and where you will find a community of women going through the same things

✔  4 weeks of meal plans! These are geared to help keep your energy & metabolism soaring! (you can choose to follow the plans exactly, or just use the recipes that look good)

✔  Weekly check-ins to see if you have any concerns, and to keep you seeing success faster.

✔  Handouts, worksheets & articles that will help support your goals & success

✔  All program information will be accessed via my private online client portal

✔  All-access pass to my system that has helped hundreds of Women just like you!


✔Absolutely NO judgement, or negativity

✔  No weighing or measuring food

✔  No starving

✔  No counting calories

✔  No fighting with your body anymore

✔  Just loads of support and understanding.


All of this for just $479 (CA)!

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