Happy Habits VIP Club is an exclusive club for anyone who wants to create real, lasting change for your hormones, health, body and life.

**Summer special!  Register now and you will have access to my VIP group ALL SUMMER!  We will be focusing on how you can stay healthy over the summer. I will be sharing some of my top tips on eating healthy on vacation,  having beautiful summer skin, healthy BBQ recipes, travel tips, and much more.

Each day you will receive a tip AND a recipe, with lots of summer bonuses and surprises mixed in too.**


Each month I will teach you 4 of my top hormone habits, and how you can best incorporate them into your life right now. 

Taking each step, and creating the habits is truly one of the most important things you can do to see lasting change with your hormones. These are designed specifically for the women who join my VIP group.

Also included each month:

  • a community of women just like you who are creating change in their own lives
  • 2 meal plans including shopping lists, recipes, and beautiful photos
  • 4 focus foods – learn how they support your new habits, and I will share my favourite ways to use them
  • weekly self care challenges (self care is essential as you create new habits)
  • a monthly recording from me to you where I will help you focus on our habits, and give you the tools you need to make them stick
  • access to my private VIP Club Facebook group where you will connect with the other women on this journey, as well as the ability to ask me any questions that might come up
  • pop up challenges & fun ways to earn prizes each month

Learn how to stop the struggle with your body. I will be teaching you how certain symptoms are linked to your hormones, and how your new habits will help you reduce, or even eliminate them.

Taking baby steps like this will create more ease in your life, leaving it open for more of the good that your life has to offer.


The next group of  Happy Hormones VIP Club runs July 1st to August 31st. 

The price is just $25 for the full summer!

I want it to be accessible to all women, because I know the difference it can make for you.


Let’s get started together today, I can’t wait to see you there!

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