Low energy?

Weight gain?


Mood swings?



It may be your stress hormones.

Stress hormone imbalances are real. I see them every single day with my clients – and I know it as soon as I see someone  (that’s how often I’ve seen it over the years of doing this work).
I can even tell when the cashier at the grocery store may have a stress imbalance, and I want to reach out and hug her (although that would probably be weird..)
So, what is it that I see, and what does that mean for you?
Stress imbalances show their presence with many symptoms. I teach full workshops about this, and have found almost 40 different symptoms that Women notice when they’re struggling with stress.
Some of these symptoms are very obvious to me when I see someone, and some aren’t as obvious, but it’s important I know the right questions to ask, and patterns to look for.
Here are 5 of the most common ones Women are dealing with every day:
1. Low Energy
You are struggling to get out of bed every morning, your may need coffee and/or sugar to keep you going, and you know that mid afternoon wall – well you hit it HARD around 2-3pm every day.
2.  Weight Gain
I hear many Women here tell me that no matter what they do, the weight won’t budge. Or – if it does go down a few pounds, the moment you eat another carb, BOOM it’s right back on. Weight gain from stress imbalances is usually noticed around the mid-section area.
3.  Bloating
You know that feeling when you wake up and your stomach is pretty flat, your pants fit well, and you feel pretty good about it? Then by the end of the day you feel 3, 4, 6 months pregnant?
This is common with stress imbalances because your gut is literally turned off under stress, and anything you eat is sitting there causing big bloat issues.
4. Mood Swings
Have you ever snapped at someone you love, only to feel incredibly guilty about it later? Do you notice anxiety more than you used to, or have troubles regulating your emotions? Stress imbalances can be behind a lot of this.
5. PMS
Do you have 1 or 2 good weeks in a month, but then you notice ‘the shift’? You don’t have any patience, you want to cry at anything and everything, you want to scream at the driver who cut you off, and anxiety spikes? What about cramping, trouble sleeping, energy crashes headaches, acne or bloating? PMS is a sure sign that stress has been rearing it’s ugly head in your life.
If you struggle with any of the above symptoms – or the 33+ other symptoms I hear Women describing to me when they come to see me – know you aren’t alone. I see stress imbalances in about 95% of the Women I work with.
This is a big problem, because the symptoms that come with it deeply impacts our lives, and how we show up for our families, friends, jobs, and the world around us.
It’s important to remember that these imbalances don’t necessarily mean stress is high right now (although it might be!). It means that stress has impacted your hormones at some point in your life – and you haven’t had the tools to build yourself up again.
The big thing is to take it one step at a time, and keep it manageable. Overhauling your food, movement or your life will only add stress, and chaos to your hormones right now.
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Most Women don't realize the symptoms they experience relate to their hormones. I teach Women how to feel better!

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