Meet Marie Tower

Hi there! I’m Marie.

I help women ditch the symptoms dragging them down by teaching them that it may all be about their imbalanced hormones.

I'm a wife, Mom of 6, Step-Mom of 2, and so incredibly lucky to be doing exactly what I love to do. 

Marie Tower, RHN, EdmontonI believe life has a way of pointing you in the right direction.  On my journey to become a Certified Holistic Nutritional Consultant, I’ve had more than more than my share of trials and hard times.

I know the power of food.  There was a point about 18 years ago when I decided I had to do something to feel better.  I had just had my third child in three years, and was 100 lbs heavier than I am now.  I was sick of living, feeling, and looking like that.  I slowly started exercising, and I discovered the importance of FOOD!  I had always loved eating but never really took the time to notice what I was eating, let alone how it made me feel, or what it did to me.  Let me tell you, what a discovery! An even bigger discovery came later when I realized the power of my hormones!

I’m a believer in the journey.

As a child, I was never healthy, and always battled my weight which was difficult both physically and emotionally.  Fast forward to three children, a divorce, and finding out that my Mom had breast cancer for a second time.  My weight went back up, and my energy levels down.  It was at this time that I remember thinking there had to be a more natural way to help myself and the people I care about to avoid going through that same pain and suffering.  I began learning all that I could about nutrition and how essential it is to our health.  I had found my answer!

marie tower, RHNAfter meeting the man of my dreams, having another baby, and moving from Alberta to Nova Scotia, in 2008,  I found The Canadian School of Natural Nutrition and enrolled as soon as I could, graduating with an Award of Merit, and the highest marks in both graduating classes. I worked so hard in school, because I loved what I was learning.   I started my business the day I received my designation and haven't looked back since.

I moved back home to Alberta in 2014 to spend time with my family as my Mom ended her brave 21-year battle with breast cancer.  I miss her every day, and she still inspires me as I do this work that I love.

I'm now lucky enough to have a very busy, growing business where I get to work with the most amazing people.  I get to teach Women how their hormones are impacting their health, and watch them as they take back their control. It makes my day to hear a client tell me they have never felt better, had more energy, or enjoyed life as much.

I teach you how your hormones may be impacting your health & life, and what you can do to feel great again.

Are you wondering how to get started?  Head on over to my 'Work with me' tab to see my services or email me.  We'll start a conversation about you!



The Lotus flower - one of my favorites!  The lotus grows from the bottom of  a dirty, muddy pond where you would think nothing beautiful could possibly grow.  To me, the lotus represents beauty, possibility, and the miracle of nature ~ everything I believe in when it comes to my work!

This lotus flower was painted by my sweet Aunt Marie for me. It hangs in my office, and it brings me joy every single day.