Work with Marie Tower, balance your hormones

I'd Love to work with  you.

The women I work with are looking to be supported & understood.

You want to be heard.

You want to feel good in your own skin and have the energy to keep up with your crazy beautiful life - whatever that looks like to you.

You're ready to find a more empowered and energetic version of yourself, with less of those yucky symptoms that hold you back, so you can keep up with the people you love.

I KNOW how hard is to live your life when you are exhausted, when your body isn't working the way it used to, or your emotions are all over the place.

You want to connect with that inner place of peace & wholeness - the 'you' that wants to live your life instead of hiding.

It's there, I promise!

Let's start your journey, now, together.  Because you don't have to do this alone.

When you work with me, you will receive in-depth assessments, resonant tools, delicious recipes (it HAS to be yummy!) & individual support to meet you exactly where you are at and to help you get where you want to be.  


All of my services and packages can be done either in-person or online.

Online programs are popular with clients who do not feel as though they have time to fit appointments into their already busy schedules, or who are not close to my home office. I come to you - via video or phone. Whatever you prefer!

I am incredibly lucky to be working with clients across Canada, the United States & even Europe right now. With my online option, it allows us to work wherever you are, when it is convenient for you!

**Some insurance companies do cover Holistic Nutritional Consulting. Check with your insurance provider to see if you are covered. Many companies also have a 'health spending account' that covers my services, so be sure to ask about this possibility as well.**

Watch for upcoming FREE events by either subscribing to my newsletter, OR by joining my free Facebook group where I post lots of tips, recipe, discounts, and more! Both the free Facebook group, and the free challenges are a great way to get started at ZERO COST to you.

Here's how we could work together:


 Are you interested in taking one of my 3 or 7 day Reboot Programs?

I'd be happy to explore working 1:1.  I take a few new clients each month.

Working with me 1:1

Initial Consultation

Once we book your initial consultation, you will receive a link for my intake form that you will need to complete before we meet.  During our meeting, we will go over the forms you have filled out and talk about your health concerns, current and past symptoms, and possible hormone imbalances.

I will begin to make recommendations based on your concerns, imbalances, and specific goals, and we create a plan individualized just for you. This meeting is where I spend a lot of time listening, getting to know you, and your health - and educating you on what imbalances your body is dealing with, and how we get you feeling better!

(1 hour 15 minutes) - {$95}

Follow-up Sessions

These sessions are meant to keep you on track & moving in the direction you want to go. During this time we track your progress, make changes to your existing plan and discuss how you can keep moving forward. We create this plan together, based on your goals which may change as we go along.

(45 minutes) - {$85}


Crazy Beautiful Hormones - 4 session package

This is my signature program - all about making the changes your body needs so that you can finally feel like you again! Crazy Beautiful Hormones is a step-by-step approach that will help you restore health & balance to your  little hormones.

I created this program & package just for you & your hormones!

I have found that my clients who see the best results need regular check-ins and appointments. For this package you buy 4 sessions at a time. I usually recommend meeting monthly at first in order to see the results you want, but we will work all of that out during our first meeting (which is included in the price below). There isn't a minimum or maximum number of packages you need to buy.

I know how overwhelming it can feel to make the changes you need, so this package also includes FOUR personalized meal plans, or recipe books designed to help make it easier as you focus on you.  This package also includes unlimited email support between our appointments.

(4 sessions. This also includes your initial appointment of 1 hour 15 minutes if it's your first package) - {$349} 


Working with me in a group setting

IGNITE Your Hormones

After 10+ years of working with women just like you - and having a very busy 1:1 practice - I have put together a six month ONLINE group program to help walk you through the very steps I've successfully used with my clients and myself.

Want more info?

Check out THIS LINK for all the details, and to be placed on a waiting list for the next round of this group program.



Online Workshops

I love teaching Women how they can take back control of their health and hormones. It's truly a passion of mine, and have great groups of ladies who join me there.


Get Started NOW!

You're ready to get this show on the road RIGHT now. I understand & appreciate that. Here are two convenient, easy ways to get started right away, with my E-courses!