Reclaim your body, and conquer your hormones.

One. Baby. Step. At. A. Time.

Can I let you in on a little secret? It may shock you, leave you speechless, and completely blow your mind...

Diet's don't work.

Ok, to be fair, some diets do work for SOME people - for a while. Until they don't.

The problem, is that they just don't last, they aren't sustainable, and they can really suck to do, because we have to give up, and change SO MUCH all at once!

Let's look at just a few 'diets' - these make me cringe, because I tried many of them myself:

  • Cabbage soup diet (uggh!)
  • Juice diet (I need more than juice)
  • Grapefruit diet (it took me a long time to eat grapefruit after this)
  • Master cleanse (I lasted 1 day)
  • High protein diet (bad breath and BO can be side effects...)
  • Baby food diet (ummm, why?)

It's easy to see why so many of us feel completely defeated when it comes to 'dieting'. It's stressful, overwhelming and makes you feel like crap when you give up and go back to where you started. The diet industry thrives off of this. They love it.


Because while we are trying desperately to lose weight and reclaim our bodies, they are making over 60 BILLION dollars every year! Every year that is what we are giving them.

This is so wrong because they are preying on women like you and me. Women who just want to feel good and enjoy their life with their partner, family, friends, or pets. Go on vacations, play with our kids, enjoy our work, and be happy.

That's it.

We all simply want to start living our life free of crappy symptoms and excess weight.

So, if diets aren't the answer, what is?

What I have learned after 8+ years of working with women just like you, and me - plus 30 years (or so) on my own health, weight, and hormone journey (read about my story here) is this.... You can't jump straight from A to Z without having major frustration, setbacks, and many times a whole lot of crying & self-hatred.

It's too big of a jump.

This is one of the secrets that 60 billion/year diet industry doesn't want you to know! They show you before and after photos of women making it look like if you follow their plan, you will automatically get to where you want to be (Z) from where you are now (A) after following their 'easy' plan.

Nope, that isn't true.

There are many, many steps in between A and Z that we forget. We are too focused on the the end that we forget about all of the steps in between.

It can take SO much stress, anxiety, and frustration out of the process if you simply just take it

O N E  S T E P  A T  A  T I M E.

Every single time I see a client who takes it step by step, and creates new HABITS - she creates lasting change. Changes in her hormones, changes in her energy, changes in her weight, changes in her sleep, cycle, skin, moods... and her life significantly changes.  She feel more like herself again, and can actually participate, and enjoy her life. This is literally life changing.

Ok, great - you know you want a little (or a lot) more of what that! How?!

After years of working with clients and watching this happen, I've designed a program that will teach you what baby steps I've found to be the best ones to take in order to create happier hormones and change your body & health.

The best part - we take our time, so that each step becomes... a habit. THIS is the second part of the secret to success I've found with myself and with my clients.

I remember 17 years ago when I started making changes - I started slow. I started working out once or twice a week with my best friend (I couldn't have done this without her!), and started seeing results. Then I discovered the miracle of food - and how changing what I put in my body gave me even bigger results. One of the big things I struggled with the most was eating at night. I wanted to steer clear of food after dinner, but my habit kept me reaching for food in the evenings.

I remember telling myself I couldn't wait to eat my oatmeal the next morning (this is how I talked myself out of the chips in my pantry), and did this every single night until all of a sudden - it wasn't a struggle anymore! To this day, I can be around the most amazing looking chocolate dessert I've ever seen, and if it's later in the evening, I keep walking. It's not a temptation, it doesn't even bug me at all. This is a habit I created that really helped boost my weight loss, and helps keep me feeling my best now.

Am I saying you have to stop eating after dinner tonight? No. What I'm saying is that the habits you create are HUGE when it comes to your health, weight, and hormones.

And we will create habits together in this program that will help you start noticing real change in your life.

The great thing about making small baby steps, is that after a few weeks, they become your new normal. You don't feel deprived, you don't feel stressed, and you definitely don't want to scream at everyone and anyone who might be in the same room as you (or maybe that was just me when I was doing the cabbage soup diet...).

**Note, this isn't all about weight loss. Weight loss tends to be a nice side effect of creating healthy habits for many women though. 😉  This is about making habits that are going to change how you feel, change the symptoms that are keeping you from living your life, and also change how your body looks. Your skin can clear, your moods can improve, your energy can soar, your mind can be clear, your cycles can become less challenging, AND your body can release weight.


"We are what we repeatedly do. Success is not an action, but a habit." ~ Aristotle

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