If you have ever watched the Bill Murray/Richard Dreyfuss comedy ‘What About Bob’ – you may remember right at the beginning Dreyfus (a therapist in the movie) gives Murray some great advice. He tells him to take “Baby Steps”. “Do one little thing, then do another little thing…. Keep going until you get where you want to go.”

Yes! I completely believe in baby steps too, and see BIG results from my clients who put this into action. 

Big change is a lot of work. Big change takes a lot of planning, sacrifice, & time. That’s why people often avoid making big changes or why they put it off until ‘Monday’ or ‘Next Week’ (Although that usually never comes). Big change also usually means big overwhelm, and big stress for most of us.

How many times have you thought how nice it would be to finally make changes to feel better, lose weight, eat healthier, work out etc. then you jump in with 2 feet, only to give up a few days later? Or maybe the thought of it alone completely overwhelms you? I know I’ve been there many times!

Baby steps is a completely different approach. You decide where you eventually want to be, then you break it down into mine steps, or mini changes – and start by taking just ONE STEP.

  • Drink 8 glasses of water each day
  • Reduce or give up coffee
  • Do yoga 3x/week
  • Go to bed earlier
  • Eat more veggies

Whatever you choose, focus your efforts on this ONE STEP. Once you are done, move on to the next step.

Don’t spend a lot of time focusing on your end goal, or how long it will take to get there. Just focus on where you are now and what steps you are taking to get you where you want to go.

Baby steps can change your life! It changed mine, and continues to do so every week. You deserve to feel good again, so let’s take that first little baby step together ok?

I am going to make it fun for you too!

In my Facebook group, we are going to be working on a new Healthy Hormone Habit each week. One habit each week. That’s it. I will be giving you extra tips, recipes, tools – whatever might help as you take this step.

AND – For anyone who shares what they are doing on Instagram using the hashtag #happyhormonehabit  – you will be entered into a giveaway I will do at the end of each month for a FREE 45-minute HORMONE CONSULTATION with me!

Come and join us in our Facebook Group if you aren’t already there and find out all of the details!


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